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Static Control

TRNIC Vacuum PEN Type

Manufacturer: TRNIC
  • Collection of dust and foreign substances by removing the static charged on them
  • Best suited to the removal of foreign substances at the narrow inside of container
  • A standard equipped brush capable to remove even stickums
  • The object once swept out loses all static and does not allow for any dust to adhere again.
  • Brushing without blowing off air assures no dust scattered around.
Vacuum PEN Type


Manufacturer: TRNIC
  • Feasible no-wind ionization
  • Incorporayed feedback system
  • Incorporated optimized ion generated system
  • Incorporated failure diagnosis system
  • Incorporated malfunction warning system
  • Highly accurate ION BALANCE
  • Strong ionization
  • Wide area ionization
  • Compact
FAN Type
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