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Baumer Absolute encoders - Absolute encoders with optical and magnetic scanning

Manufacturer: Baumer

Proven hundreds of thousands of times: Absolute encoders with magnetic or optical sensing, as single- or multi-turn, with all mechanical and electrical interfaces.

Precise optic

  • Scanning with high accuracy and fast acquisition of position
  • Additional incremental signals for speed detection
  • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft

Robust magnetic - MAGRES

  • Scanning is particularly immune to environmental influences
  • 30 to 58­­ mm diameter design
  • Solid shaft or blind hollow shaft
Absolute encoders

Baumer HeavyDuty encoders - HeavyDuty encoders with reserve capacity for extreme applications

Manufacturer: Baumer

In extreme applications, under vibration loads or in heavily soiled areas, that's where Baumer HeavyDuty encoders really feel comfortable.

Incremental HeavyDuty encoders

  • Hollow shafts up to 150 mm in diameter
  • Redundant sensing optionally available
  • Powerful output drivers
  • Integrated function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System)

Absolute HeavyDuty encoders

  • Gear- and battery-less multi-turn generator (microGen)
  • Redundant sensing optionally available
  • All common absolute interfaces

HeavyDuty speed switches

  • Mechanical centrifugal switches or as electronic versions
  • Heavy-duty and fail-safe
  • Stand-alone device, integrated or as combination with encoder or tachogenerator

HeavyDuty tachogenerators and resolvers

  • Maximum brush lifetime thanks to LongLife commutator
  • Operating temperature up to
    +130 °C
  • Very high accuracy throughout the entire speed range

HeavyDuty combinations

  • Two or more sensors with a common shaft
  • Many combination options
  • For high safety requirements

Ferraris acceleration sensors

  • Improved drive control dynamics and synchronization
  • Dynamic, low-noise acceleration signal
  • Compact and shock-resistant
HeavyDuty encoders

Baumer Laser Copy Counter - Counts precisely and reliably

Manufacturer: Baumer

The SCATEC laser copy counter family is suitable for counting newspapers and magazines in a lap stream. The SCATEC detection principle is based on an optical edge detection system patented by Baumer, which makes the SCATEC family extremely insensitive to color. With a matte or glossy finish, all print products are scanned reliably.

The SCATEC operating principle:

  • Non-contact thanks to optical principle.
  • One laser light source – two receivers (V and R).
  • Reacts to object edges that face the laser beam.
  • If an edge passes through the laser beam, the relationship of the reflected light (v/r) to both receiver’s changes and the object is detected.
  • Known interferences are specifically targeted and suppressed.


SCATEC features an optical functional principle which enables contact less operation. Because the most sensitive version of the SCATEC family can even detect edges down to 0.1 mm, single sheets can also be reliably detected and counted.

Laser Copy Counter

Baumer Incremental encoders - Incremental encoders for precise speed or acquisition of part location

Manufacturer: Baumer

When the job calls for controlling mechanical motion sequences, incremental encoders are important links between the mechanical and control systems.

24 to 40 mm compact designs

  • 4 to 8 mm solid shaft; 4 to 12 mm blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
  • Precise optical or robust magnetic scan
  • Rugged metal housing

58 mm designs

  • 6 to 12 mm solid shaft; 6 to 16 mm blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
  • Precise optical or robust magnetic scan
  • Up to 320,000 pulses per revolution

Large hollow shafts

  • Blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft up to 85 mm
  • Precise optical scanning
  • Reduced mounting depth

Programmable encoders

  • Programmable line count up to 320,000
  • Programmable electric interface level
  • All designs and mechanical interfaces

Sine encoders

  • Maximum signal quality with LowHarmonics technology
  • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
  • Precise optical scanning

Alternative mounting designs

  • Products with EURO flange B10/REO flange
  • Measuring wheel encoder
Incremental encoders

Baumer Network Components - Ideal for GigE Networks

Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Support for Power over Ethernet
  • Support for Jumbo Frames up to 10 kByte
  • SFP Module for optic fiber transmission
  • Industrial design with fitting on a top-hat rail
  • IEEE 802.3 standard compliant
Network Components

Baumer Bearingless encoders - absolute and incremental

Manufacturer: Baumer

Baumer's bearingless encoders offer non-contact operation. Most are magnetic and all of them are virtually wear-free. Their reliable function is not affected by dust, dirt or humidity. They are extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations and have a virtually unlimited service life.

All Baumer bearingless encoders feature a very short design, so they are perfectly suited for use in cramped installation conditions and on direct drives.

Compared to other measuring methods, the magnetic measuring principle tolerates a wide air gap between the sensor and material measure. These encoders can thus operate reliably even during large shaft movements.

Incremental bearingless encoders

  • For shafts up to Ø740 mm
  • Line count up to 524288
  • Square wave and sinusoidal signals

Absolute bearingless encoders

  • For shafts up to Ø340mm
  • Resolution up to 17 bit per revolution
  • SSI or CANopen

Absolute encoder MAGRES

  • Single and multiturn version
  • Wear-free and dirt tolerant
  • SSI as well as all common fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces

Magnetic angle sensors

  • Absolute position detection up to 360° rotary angle
  • High resolution up to 0.09°
  • Linearized analog output signal
  • Wear-free and dirt tolerant
Bearingless encoders

Baumer Format alignment - Fast retrofitting and reliable error avoidance with Multicon and FlexiDrive.

Manufacturer: Baumer

Since format alignments are often performed manually, there is plenty of room for improvement. Baumer meets this challenge with its extensive industry and application experience and its versatile technology.

Baumer offers tried and tested solutions for efficient and reliable format and stop positioning, which were developed in close collaboration with our customers - to save time during retrofitting and to avoid costly errors.


  • Modular system
  • Manual alignment or motorized alignment
  • Recipe memory


  • Automatic alignment
  • Integrated control system
  • Various field buses
Format alignment

Baumer Inclination sensors - Inclination sensors in robust industrial design

Manufacturer: Baumer

Inclination sensors measure the tilt angle of machines and objects with respect to the horizontal position. As a type of electronic water level they are an outstanding alternative to the traditional angular measurement, especially if the rotary axis is inaccessible.

Baumer inclination sensors play a significant role in increasing safety, for example, for cranes. Their robust, IP 67 protected die-cast or stainless steel housings, make them especially suited for use in harsh environments.

Single-axis version

  • Measuring range of 360°
  • Resolution up to 0.1°
  • 60 mm design

Biaxial version

  • Measuring range of ±15°, ±30°, ±60°
  • Resolution up to 0.001°
  • 60 mm design
Inclination sensors
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