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Cleaning Agent

KYZEN KYZEN CP9OD - Water Displacing Lang Term Wet Film Corrosion Preventative

Manufacturer: KYZEN

KYZEN CP90D is a heavy-duty blend of organic inhibators in a water displacing hydrophobic medium. It is specially designed for long term protection from oxidation during in-door storage.


KYZEN KYZEN CP9OS - Aqueous Long-Term Dry Film Corrosion Preventative

Manufacturer: KYZEN

KYZEN CP90S is an agueous blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors specially designed for long-term protection from oxidation during in-door stirage. To prevent flash rusting of ferrous parts, add 1-3% CP90S to all wet stages.


KYZEN METALNOX M6324US - Heavy-Duty Alkaline Immersion and Ultrasonic Cleaner

Manufacturer: KYZEN

METALNOX® M6324US is a high strength, high alkaline, aqueous cleaning chemistry which contains chemical components designed for ultrasonic and other immersion cleaning systems.


KYZEN METALNOX M6314 - Mild Alkaline All-Metal Cleaner

Manufacturer: KYZEN

METALNOX® M6314 is a safe, all-purpose aqueous cleaner, specially designed to clean a broad range of both water soluble and insoluble oils, It is a very low solids product and often used without a rinse, even prior to coating.


KYZEN METALNOX M6093 - Safe Citric Acid Cleaner / Oxide Remover / SS Passivator

Manufacturer: KYZEN

METALNOX® M6093 is a citric acid formulation designed to be effective on metal oxides, scale, rust, carbonaceous soils and other industrial soils. It can be used on a variety of metals including steel and aluminium.

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