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Fiber Optic Sensor / Amplifier

HOKUYO Fiber sensor / PCF

Manufacturer: HOKUYO
  • Digital Display of Setting Value & Light receiving amount
  • Wide range detection by full specification
  • 7 type of response time to choose
  • Several type of teaching are provided
Fiber sensor / PCF

HOKUYO PDF - High Functions Dual Output Digital Fiber Amplifier

Manufacturer: HOKUYO
  • Dual display of Preset value and current light receiving value
  • High Speed 60µsec
  • Automatic Power Control function to maintain constant power light source
  • Remote teach-in function is configurable.


HOKUYO PVF - High Performance Fiber Amplifier

Manufacturer: HOKUYO
  • Response time 250µsec
  • Easy sensitivity adjustment (no screw driver is required)
  • 40ms off delay function

RIKO BR2 - Auto Tuning Digital Fiber Amplifier

Manufacturer: RIKO
  • Numerical Display
  • Easy Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Cost saving

RIKO FZ1 - Trimmer Type Fiber Amplifier

Manufacturer: RIKO
  • 20 turns sensitivity adjuster
  • Slim design (DIN rail) 
  • With off delay timer

RIKO Fiber Build with Lens

Manufacturer: RIKO
  • Glass lens can easy to clean and well protected fiber core
  • With narrow light angle to detect small target
Fiber Build with Lens

RIKO PR/PT - Anti Bending Fiber Optic Sensor

Manufacturer: RIKO
  • Patent Pending Fiber Optic Sensor with anti bending protection
  • Various sizes are available
  • High tensile strength  
  • More durable compared to conventional type

RIKO FR/FT - High Quality Fiber Optic Sensor

Manufacturer: RIKO
  • Thousands of models are available
  • Special models for special applications such liquid level detection, array fiber, U-shape etc are available
  • Compatible to other competitors models
  • High grade fiber quality
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