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Remote Sensor

Telco LT/LR series

Manufacturer: Telco
  • Long sensing distance up to 70m sensing distance
  • Wide variety of housing
  • High tolerance to hostile environment
  • Available with optional ATEX approval
  • Separate Amplifier (select from PA, MPA or PAB series)
LT/LR series

Telco PA 11 series

Manufacturer: Telco
  • Automatic sensor test
  • Switch Selectable long / short range
  • Power output and Signal Level indicator
  • 1 relay and/or 1 transistor output

PA 11 series

Telco PAB series - Din Rail Mounting

Manufacturer: Telco
  • Connected via a rail bus connector position on the din rail (connected up to 9 amplifiers)
  • Master/slave system
  • Power, output, alarm, signal level and master/slave address indicators
  • Optical cross talk  prevent.

PAB series

Telco Multiplexed Amplifier Series

Manufacturer: Telco

In an industry where most products resemble each other, we have strived to make sure that Telco only resembles Telco – in terms of quality, reliability, performance and ease-of-use. This is no different for the multiplexed amplifier series, which has withstood the test of time for that exact reason.

Multiplexed Amplifier Series
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